The April Issue Of The Branson Bulletin Newsletter

Red Bud BlossomsRed Bud Blossoms

Hello folks.
This is the first issue of the Branson Bulletin Newsletter and I hope you enjoy it. You can leave comments on our contact us page.

April has really blossomed out here in Ozark Mountain Country. It started out with the Bradford Pair trees blossoming out in beautiful white flowers and you could see them all along the streets and in peoples yards. Then came out the Red Bud trees. These we saw in some yards but also we see lots of them in the forest. These were followed by the Dogwood with bright white 4 peddle blossoms. You can read more about these beautiful flowering trees we have here in the Ozark Mountain Country by going to this link  


We are anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Branson Airport. We tried to drive out there the other day but after a beautiful drive through the Branson Creek development and through the golf course the winding mountain road came to a road block. They were only letting construction equipment in until it is ready to open. We already have our tickets to go to the big air show at the new airport on May 9-10 and then the Branson Airport will be open for business on May 11, 2009.

   Spring in Branson is Always a Beautiful Experience 

Top of the Rock Entrance In RidgedaleDogwood Blossoms at Top of the Rock Golf Course

Last Friday night we had the privilege of going to the Circle B Chuck Wagon and take in their Dinner Show. We have been there a few times before but we always enjoy the show and often see new family members taking part in it. Here is their page link. 

Here is a little hint if you are lucky enough to live in or near Branson. The local radio station KRZK 101.6 has folks from many different shows in town drop into the studio for a little on air chat, every once in awhile, which kind of gives them a little free advertising and the listeners sometimes benefit by being invited to that show for a Loyal Listeners night. You go to the station in advance and pick up your Loyal Listeners card and when these events are announced you bring your card to the show box office and pick up tickets. Sometimes they are free and sometimes there is a small fee. The Circle B Chuckwagon dinner show had a fee of $7 and that just covers the food.  

The new Best Buy store just opened up in the Bee Creek shopping mall and I celebrated by going up there last week and buying a new lap top computer.

Branson Bell Dinner Cruise and Live ShowBranson Bell Dinner Cruise and Live Show

All the shows in town are running full schedules and the Branson Bell Showboat, we see from across our bay, is running it's dinner cruises. Everyone in town is hopeful the lower fuel prices will bring in a lot more folks than were here last season. Many of the shows suffered very poor financial conditions after last season. I see one show is going on tour all this year and not doing their usual Branson show.  The biggest new show to open this spring is the Sight and Sound Theater and they are doing a presentation of "Noah The Musical".  Not too far away from that theater we should see another show opening soon. It will be a Wild West Show. It was scheduled to open this spring but I haven't seen anything on it as yet.

Sight and Sound Theater Noah Stage Set ModelSight and Sound Theater Noah Stage Set Model

It appears the Lodging facilities are really trying to hold the line on their room rates in an effort to help stimulate business here in town. Most room rates I see here are well below the national average for similar facilities. 

Construction in general is way down and lots of already started projects are at a standstill including a multi multi million dollar hotel out at the new airport. The new water park in Hollister is at a standstill and it is questionable when or if it will restart.

In general I would say it is a great time to take advantage of the low prices to come and visit or to buy a property to live in, invest in or do business from. Interest rates are down and there is a great selection right now and when the economy gets rolling again you will have a great investment. Homes that were selling for a million dollars, lets say, in any of the larger cities of the country can be picked up here now for about one quarter or one third as much. Folks that were lucky enough to ride the California real estate boom a little late are taking that inflated CA money and making out like gang busters and are flocking in here. If you have any Real Estate Question about Branson just click on this link to my Realtor the Branson Lakes Country Realty and I'm sure they will help you out.  My home, even in this poor market, is about 25 % above what we paid for it 5 years ago and in a good market will be worth about double. 

We are looking forward to your next visit to Branson Ozark Mountain Country.