The Baldknobbers Was The First Show In Branson

The Baldknobbers Theater Filled With Laughs and Great Family ShowThe House of Laughs Better Known As The Baldknobbers Theater

The Baldknobbers was the first show in Branson. The Ozark Jamboree, Branson's first country music and comedy show, started a tradition that goes back to 1959 when brothers Bill, Jim, Lyle and Bob Mabe began entertaining visitors in downtown Branson on the Taneycomo lakefront. Advertising consisted of Katie and Joyce (wives of Bill and Jim) donning country dresses and walking around Branson’s small downtown area with signs announcing the show.

Named after an Ozarks vigilante group from the 1880s and performing with washtub bass, banjo and dobro, plus an old washboard and the jawbone of a mule for rhythm, The show was an immediate hit with fishermen and tourists to the Branson lakes area.


Outgrowing the original location, the Mabes moved their show into an old skating rink, converting it into Branson’s first live entertainment theatre. Expanding again, The Baldknobbers Jamboree Theatre was built on 76 Country Boulevard in 1968. Now the oldest show in Branson seats 1,500, Branson’s fame as America’s live entertainment capital is worldwide, and This show started it all!

 The Four Original Mabe Brothers known as the Baldknobbers

BaldknobbersThe Mabe Brothers

Wow The above History came from their web site and a beautiful and quality site it is. Just to think back when the Ozark Jubilee moved from Springfield to the basement of the Branson City Hall where they had to put the stage and all the chairs away after every show at night so the City Hall could function during the day. Then they moved into the old remodeled skating rink and then into the new theater they are now in. They were not the first show on the strip as the Presleys started on the strip while the Ozark Jubilee were still in downtown (OLD) Branson. This family has just lived through a couple of hard years as some of the show stars have passed away and being the show is so family oriented it was tough to fill in those missing spots that were so firmly set. The family will always see those spots with the original members in them even though others have stepped up to fill the vacancies. The Mabe family is really some kind of Branson Live Show Pioneers and you can't help but love everyone of them.

BaldknobbersBaldknobbers Show Cast

They really have it all with the theater, restaurant, motor inn and gift shop you can really "Get ur dun" They are located at 2835 West 76 country Blvd. Branson, Missouri 417-334-4528

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