Branson Birds About The Birds That Come To Our Home


Branson Birds is really my wifes favorite subject. For the over 50 years we have been married she always said she didn't want anything to do with anything that had feathers. With all that time to think about it I have come to the conclusion what she really meant she wanted nothing to do with birds that would be raised on our ranch for Eggs or Meat.

As she got older I mean after we had been married for a number of years and the kids got older she started feeding birds and that hobby increased as the years went by. Up "nort" where our Ranch is located near Duluth, Minnesota the birds are somewhat different than they are here near Branson. The ones we have been feeding at both places at different seasons of the year are Chickadee, Blue Jay, Morning Dove, Gold finch, Flicker, Junkel & Cow Bird.

Male CardinalMale Cardinal

The bird we really love the best is the Chickadee. They get quite tame and Marilyn has had them land on her hand. They are so polite by that I mean they wait their turn then they fly to the feeder and take a sunflower seed then they fly up into a nearby tree and pick the shell of and eat the seed. They never fight or chase any other birds away from the feeder. They have a different call or vocal in the winter than they do in the summer. Marilyn has to bring the feeders each night as the Bears up north and the Raccoons have broken them down and destroyed them. Some folks up "nort" have trouble with dear braking them trying to get seeds out of them but we had dogs on the farm that kept the deer out of the yard. We don't have a dog now but they either can still smell them or just remember them.

We love the Cardinal at our Branson home as they are such a beautiful Bright Red Bird. They usually are quite shy and come in the early morning and in the evening. They don't stay on the feeder very long but will land and eat for a few minutes before going to the nearby trees to look around before coming back to the feeder. They will eat the little round hard seeds that they sell us as song bird food but most other birds we see don't like them but only eat the Sunflower seed and some prefer the Suit. They really have a pretty voice and call and we hear them all along the road that we walk from our home out to the highway. Marilyn usually walks the one mile round trip by herself before I get moving in the morning then she and I go back out to the mailbox in the afternoon. Of course the male is much more beautiful than the female as nature keeps the Mommy birds kind of camouflaged so they are harder to see when they are sitting on eggs in the nest.

Blue JayBlue Jay

We have all kinds of Woodpeckers down here at Branson. We have Downey, Harry, Flicker & Piliated. They love the suit but do eat Sunflower seed also. They aren't very friendly when they come storming down to the feeder chasing all the smaller birds away and grab as big hunks off the suit or mouthfuls of seeds that they can.

We have the Gold finch but we don't know if we see them much during the colder weather. What I mean by that is they loose their bright yellow color in the winter and kind of blend in with birds such as sparrows.

We have the Tit Mouse down here and they come to the feeder a lot. We don't have them up north.

We see Blue Birds and some type of Swallow but they eat only bugs so we just see them flying about catching bugs. And of course we have the common Crow and my wife hates them and chases them away from the feeding area all day long. They try to sneak in and eat off the ground.

Blue BirdBlue Bird

We see lots of Junkle that we call our ground eaters because they don't go into the feeders and usually come in large groups when they come. We also have a pair or two of Morning Dove that come in and eat off the ground during the warmer weather. They must go farther south for the winter. We also see a Cow Bird once in awhile at the feeder they are black with brown heads.

We love to have birds around the yard as they are kind of like our friends and help turn a house into a home. Marilyn always says the ones that eat bugs can have all they want as there are way too many of them down here.

Birds from Branson are subject to the Environment/Weather.