Branson Bulletin Newsletter January Issue-Branson Entertainment

Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede Multi Million Dollar BillboardDolly Parton Dixie Stampede Multi Million Dollar Billboard

Well as we had mentioned last month the 2009 Branson Entertainment Season came to a close after the Christmas Holidays. We also predicted that we would soon be hearing news about the upcoming Branson entertainment Season.

The Clay Cooper group is moving over to the Osmond Theater. It is being renovated from the parking lot to the theater front and on the interior even the stage and back stage area. This will give the Clay Cooper a lot more room and visibility. We are looking forward to the grand opening of the Branson Entertainment Clay Cooper show. Neal McCoy will also be doing shows for about dates from the new Clay Cooper Theater.

We hear that the Dixie Stampede is planning to open with a new show araingement also.

Kim Barber was with the Country Tonight Show that closed at the 2009 season end and she will be appearing at the Presley's.


Some spot performances by Kenny G at the Mansion Theater, Restless Heart well be doing some dates at the Oak Ridge Boys Theater. The Rock Opera Brule will appear at RFD TV-The Theater. Also we hear that a new Chinese production based on Kung-Fu will be coming to the White House Theater.

Here's a big announcement- The 16th annual Hot Winter Fun is scheduled for Feb 8th at the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater in Branson. This is a great chance to take in the Branson Entertainment preview. You will get a chance to get a taste of a lot of the Branson Entertainment shows in town when the take turns on stage. It is a great way to see just what a variety of shows we really have and whether or now you would like to see their entire show at their regular season venue.

As a 50th anniversary to show business Ray Stevens will return to the Branson Entertainment spotlight. Ray has been in the show business for a half century and he is a multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and two-time Grammy Winner. He will at the Welk Theater for a six week stay. Would you believe Ray Stevens has more than 14 million singles, albums and videos sold in his career. Ray was from Nashville but he had a show here in town for about 11 years then took a few off and not coming back for his 50th Branson Entertainment Anniversary.

Presleys Theater Fun Music Laughs and MorePresleys Theater Fun Music Laughs and More

I may have been negligent in not mentioning that there are some shows that are open and operating all through the winter and almost year around. We have Season Passes at the Grand Country Theater where we can go see any of the shows there and there is usually about 5 or 6 different shows running at any one time. There are morning, afternoon, evening and on Fri. Night from 11:00PM to Midnight there is the Branson Tonight radio recording live show. Next month I will have a new schedule of the winter shows and I will update them for you.

Well ya-all keep warm now and look forward for the Feb. issue of the Branson Bulletin Newsletter. 

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