Branson Bulletin Newsletter July Issue

During the month if July we were not in Branson but rather working at our Cattle/Horse Ranch in Northern Minnesota. Sometimes we don't get time to do a newsletter when we are at the ranch but I thought one subject that took place during July needed being brought to your attention.

If you have followed my writing you probably know I am a real Western Buff. I have mentioned that I have probably read every western novel ever written in both paper back and hard cover. I even have my own collection of Louis L'Amour books numbering over 150 volumes.

Roy Rogers Museum and Theater Dales Horse Buttermilk and Bullet the DogRoy and Dale Rogers Museum Dales Horse Buttermilk and Dog Bullet

Announcement of the Auction of Everything From The Roy Rogers Museum

Well, to get back on subject. On July 14-15 Christie's and the High Noon Auction houses conducted an auction of all Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans memorabilia. During the last few years, since the Museum was moved from Los Angeles to Branson, the attendance at the museum has been declining. The family and the foundation, set up by Roy & Dale, felt that the museum would have to be relinquished.

In talking to Rusty Rogers (Son) and Dustin (Grandson) I know how hard this was for them and all the family. My wife Marilyn and I toured the museum shortly before it closed the doors, at the end of last year, and there we thousands of items there.

Everything from the stuffed animals like Roy's horse Trigger and Dale's horse buttermilk and their dog Bullet. There were thousands of photos and costumes and even the kitchen ware and furniture used in the kitchen of the Rogers home when they all sat down for meals. You can read more about the Rogers family at their page here.

Roy and Dale Rogers Museum and TheaterRoy and Dale Rogers Museum and Theater

They even auctioned off the jeep Nellybelle used in the movies and his Pontiac convertible.

A few of the prices things brought were the convertible went for $254,000 the Trigger Mount with Bohlin saddle $650,000 and the jeep Nellybelle $116,500. The total sales were over 2.9 million dollars.

Roy Rogers Museum Movie Truck PropRoy Rogers Museum Movie Truck Prop

The days of the Golden Screen Cowboys is long gone and most of the fans of that era have either died or have Alzheimers and could care less about all the old western's now in the archives of the movie studios. The newer generation today is more interested in Space Travel or Star Wars.

When I talked to Dusty and Dustin they said they would like to carry on the tradition by continuing the "Remember Roy and Dale" musical they have been preforming They are not doing the show from the old museum but rather have made arrangements with Mickey Gilley to perform their show in his theater.

So, on that sad note the Roy Rogers Museum is no more. We have attended the show, they are now performing, and We would recommend it to all you Western Buffs.