Branson Bulletin Newsletter March 2011

Branson Bell Dinner Cruise and Live ShowBranson Bell Dinner Cruise and Live Show

Hi again, It is spring time here in Branson Missouri or Pre Season to the shows in town. Every year about this time we start seeing news of shows moving from one theater to another or new shows coming to town or even new theaters opening up. It is always a time of anticipation and wonder as to what kind of a season it will be. Will the fuel prices at a all time high deter folks from taking that long time planned trip to Branson the Live Entertainment Capital of the World? Will the new Branson Airport see more new flights and larger numbers of arriving passengers? This year there are several new flights announced from Trans Air and Frontier Airlines from new destinations and it remains to be seen if they will generate enough traffic to make them economical enough for the Airlines to continue to fly them.


There is a new Dinner/Theater opening up this spring called the "Icon" it is located just west of the Titanic in a building that was started to be a upscale restaurant some years ago and it was never opened. There has been a lot of remodeling going on there and it looks like it should be open soon.

All the new shows are practicing and the new sets are being created and the theaters are getting all spruced up for the season openers. Lets see who has moved this season. Doug Gabriel is now at the Music City Centre Theater. Buck Trent is his 2nd season at the new Clay Cooper Theater. Roy Rogers Jr. (Dusty) and Son (Rusty) are doing their show from the Mickey Gilley Theater since their Museum closed last year. Todd Oliver has moved his humor/animal show from the Showboat Branson Bell to the Jim Stafford Theater.

Speaking about the Showboat Branson Bell you may have heard about the accident they had on the last cruise last year. It was an evening dinner cruise with about 600 guests when the Capiton lost control of the boat in heavy winds and it went aground on some rocks and the guests had to stay on board all night as the Coast Guard didn't want to take a chance on moving the passengers to other boats, to take them to shore, for fear there might be an accident moving them in the dark and high winds and waves. The folks had a great time entertaining themselves and being entertained while they ate everything on board. No one was hurt and the Bell got more bad publicity than it did damage. The hull was damaged some and repairs are about done and it should be going out on a training or test run soon and be ready for it's spring schedule. Speaking of the Showboat Branson Bell there is a complete change in venue aboard this year. As I mentioned above Todd Oliver has moved his show to the Jim Stafford Theater and in it's place is a completely new show with Funny Fiddle featuring the comedy and music of Chris Pendleton and the high flying fiddler Janice Martin and a new vocal group called the ShowMen. There is even a new menu of Beef Tenderloin and Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs and Chicken Focaccia topped off with a golden brittle lemon-berry torte

New Suprise Ride For 2016 on the 76 Hiway Strip

Construction Site of the Cicago The Huge Ferris Wheel being moved to BransonConstruction Site of the Cicago The Huge Ferris Wheel being moved to Branson

The Track Family Fun Parks have added new improvements to their multi go cart tracks in town and they should be ready for all the kids coming to vacation here this summer.

Silver Dollar City SDC always has something new and exciting, to open each spring, at the famous Theme Park. This year is no exception as there are many new things and improvements to older attractions to make this season very exciting to it's millions of seasons visitors.

All the the Mid West United States is within about a days drive from Branson so save gas money and come here on your summer vacation and everyone here will be waiting to see you have a great time. Bye the way lodging here is so inexpensive that when you check it out compared to Las Vegas or Atlantic City or San Francisco you will save enough to fly into our new airport and save the driving for others. Ya Al Com Down An See Us Now!