Branson Bulletin Newsletter May Issue

Branson Airport Bi-wing Aircraft Duet in FormationBranson Airport Bi-wing Aircraft Duet in Formation

May was a busy month but the biggest thing was the Air Show at the brand new Branson Airport and the grand opening of the facility and the beginning of commercial air service to Branson and the Ozark Mountain Country. The air show was on May 9-10-11 and the new air service started on the 12th.

You can read all about the new airport and its tough beginning as it was carved out of solid rock and developed into a fine level runway of 9,000 or more feet and the 7 mile access road was drilled and blasted out of the same limestone mountain and two canyons had to be breached by building of 80+ feet high cement bridges. Go to this link and check it out 

The air show started out on Friday the 9th of May but it was very overcast and with a low ceiling so much of the show was restricted to low elevation events. The weather on Sat. was much better and my wife and I went to the airport and made our way through the 7.5 miles of winding access road bumper to bumper at about 5 miles per hour.


We were able to park on the airport grounds and had only about a quarter mile walk to the main event area. It was partly cloudy and very warm. Everyone that was there was very recognisable the next day with a face quite sunburned. The Show was great with the Thunderbirds there as well as all the big names in private, corporate and military aerobatic airplanes doing their show one after the other. There were many older 2nd world war planes there to be checked over and reminisced about by the older military folks.

Branson Airport Airshow CroudBranson Airport Airshow Croud

I understand there were over 50,000 folks in attendance on Sat. and Sun. was also a very good weather and attendance day. The show was a little shorter on Sun as it started a little later and some of the planes that didn't have night or instrument flying equipment left early to get to their next stop before it got to dark. A Great Time Was Had By All.

There were two airlines starting service from Branson on day one and they were Sun Country and Air Tran. Between them there is now non stop service to 4 corners of the midwest Minneapolis, Milwakee, Atlanta and Dallas.

Also in May the Branson-Springfield Airport in Springfield SGF opened a new mid field terminal. There are several more airlined operating out of there. It is about 45 miles north of Branson.

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