Branson Bulletin Newsletter September 2010 Issue

I hope you know that Branson, just like most Cities, has news items that appear in almost all areas all the time. Recently I read about a lady killed in a auto accident. The police are looking for a bank robber. They are also looking for a guy in regard to his brothers death from a drug overdose. We really don't report these types of things but rather the positive things and things about the reasons folks want to learn about and to visit the Ozark Mountain Country. With that said here is your September Newsletter.

Ray StevensRay Stevens

Ray stevens has been vacant from Branson most of the last 5 years but he is back in town now and is expected to be here in 2011. He will be appearing at the Welk Theater.

Lloyd PresleyLloyd Presley

We are sad to announce that Lloyd Presley has passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was the reigning monarch of the Presley family and was 86 years old. He was the originator of the Presley Family Show and continued to be part of the group playing his base on stage almost every day.

I remember mentioning that the show had those from the minus 8's to the plus 80's and that will no longer be so for some time to come. Lloyd was a real blessing to the show and to Branson in general and we are very sad for the family but as all show families the show must go on.

The new bridge across Lake Taneycomo on East 76 is expected to be open for travel in November. The old bridge along side will soon after close for renovation. The "go around"or round about at the East end of the bridge should be open and in operation at that time.

We recently had friends (a fellow firefighter and wife) from northern Minnesota and we went to see the Grand Jubilee at the Grand Country Theater and had a nice visit as they were just stopping here for a day or so on a round robin vacation trip around the USA.

Grand Country Grand Jubilee FinaleGrand Country Grand Jubilee Finale
Joseph Hall as ElvisJoseph Hall

Elvis tribute artist Joseph Hall will be moving his show from the Owens Theatre in downtown Branson to the Americana Theatre on the strip in 2011.

Mike WalkerMike Walker

My wife and I also went to see Mike Walker at the God and Country Theater. Mike is quite an entertainer. He performs alone on stage and does impressionistic take offs of all the famous male singers and even a lady or two. He has a great voice and can imitate Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, Michael Jackson and all the rest of the greats.

He gets into costume and character and his voice sounds just like the famous stars. We had a very enjoyable evening. A link to a Mike Walker You Tube Video 

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