The Branson Convention Center Is A Great Addition To The Community

 Rancher Don Get's Up On His Soap Box

Branson Convention Center Meetings Meals and MoreBranson Convention Center Meetings Meals and More

The Branson Convention Center is the place to be if you want to put together a little Pow Wow well even if it's a big one. In my opinion, and some folks say that ain't worth a plugged nickel, I would say the brand new facility could be the dike the little boy put his thumb in when it sprung a leak.


 I think the new Branson Airport and the Branson Convention Center with adjoining Hilton Hotel are married to each other whether they wanted it or not. I think the Convention Center needs the airport to bring in the numbers of visitors that it needs in order to survive. I think it is a crap shoot as to whether the Branson Airport can survive as a private airport unless the Branson Convention Center does a bang up job of selling conventions.

Making a statement

With all that said having worked for a major airline for 25 years in Traffic and Sales I have seen what an airline can do to help a Convention Center like they built in the city of Duluth, Minn. I remember when we worked our regular hours then drove courtesy cars and vans hauling about 4,000 folks that came to town for a Outdoor Sport Writers Convention. We worked until the wee hours each night without pay just to help out the local committee but were happy because all the reps from sporting goods companies gave us free samples of fishing tackle, hunting knives and such.

Some folks came to town with their private vehicles because of one or more of the following factors.

  • They lived near
  • They brought in their family
  • They were continuing on to another destination
  • Their companies were paying for the mileage
  • They don't like to fly
  • They had a large amount of supplies for the convention

As a rule folks fly to conventions because they are short of time and they don't have enough time at the destination to do much else. They work until the last minute at their job then jump on the plane and when the show is over they do the same on the way home. I have heard it said that one third of the nations population live within 500 miles or 5 hours driving time from Branson. We are about the populaion center of the country. That is a lot of folks agreed but how many of them have the need or desire to go to Branson. Now it is up to the Branson Airport, Branson Convention Center and of course the entire Branson Community to sell not only their facility but the entire package. Travel, lodging, transportation, entertainment, food service, convenience, speed, economy, safety etc.

You might think I sound anti Branson but that is not the case. On my website I promised to tell it as it is not the glossy version you get from some government entities. I love Branson and all it stands for. Branson stands for good family values, honesty, good clean entertainment, great outdoor activities, great attractions, great team effort to always be helpful. You will just not believe it when you come here and talk to folks on the street and in the shops and shows. They just love what they are doing and would just like to see everyone succeed in their efforts to help. I also want to help in every way I can and that is by making everyone aware what we have to offer and what we have to DO to get the privilege of serving our visitors.

Okay, I am off the soap box now.

Branson Convention CenterBranson Convention Center

 The Branson Convention Center
Our Branson Convention Center is one of the newest and most dynamic Convention Centers in the country. It is located in a very convenient location that is very beautiful and is a complimentary part of the new Branson Landing Mall and Fountain along the shores of Lake Taneycomo. It has 220,000 square feet of meeting area. It has two exhibit halls totaling 50,000 square feet and a 23,000 square foot ballroom. It has 5 additional meeting rooms for smaller events or break outs. It is state of the art high tech including LCD screens in all rooms and high speed wireless Internet throughout the facility.

It has a executive chef and kitchen staff that can handle any size gathering. It is adjacent and attached to the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel you can read all about it at this link.

Branson Convention CenterBranson Convention Center

In closing this is one of our most exciting times here in Branson with the all new Branson Convention Center and Hotel along with the new Branson Landing facility and the only brand new private Commercial Airport in the country. All these facilities are within about 15 minutes of the airport. "Come and see us now Ya Hear!"

Ross SummersRoss Summers

Ross Summers President & CEO Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau

"It is with great pleasure that I invite your group to hold an event, meeting or convention in the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” This thriving community has something for everyone in a fun, safe, beautiful and relaxed environment. Attendees will want to be sure to bring the whole family and enjoy a little vacation time, built around your next convention!"

The Branson Convention Center website link.