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Branson Lakes Country Realty is the #1 Real Estate company in the entire area. Original Owner Mr. Rex Grady was born and raised right here in the Ozark Mountain Country. As a boy he loved to hunt in the hills and fish in the rivers and lakes to help supplement the family food supply. His love for the Ozark Mountain Country urged him back to the hills and lakes of his youth. After college he became a basketball coach in his home town of Forsyth. He later went into business by owning and operating 3 resorts in the area and he fished as a professional for many years and he has fish in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in Springfield. He remembers the area before all the lakes were created by the building of a succession of about 5 hydro-Electric dams each creating a new lake. After marrying his best girl from over in Oklahoma they started a family and a non sports business. He has sold real estate in this area longer than most of the other immigrants have been here or anywhere. He is one of the few natives to this great area and he has seen it all and knows where it is if you are looking for it.

His son Shane came into the business when he got out of college and his wife Karen is also an agent. This is a real family affair folks. Rex and Shane have sold about 100 business or commercial projects in the area and they include everything from theaters, churches, motels, gas stations, stores and you name it. They have sold hundreds of homes to folks that wanted to become a part of this great area. Realty has been good for Branson Lakes Country Realty and they have a feeling of giving back and being they are of a strong religion they have taken up a mission in the Philippines and they give a good percentage of all their sales to this mission. They have built a school, dormitory, homeless shelter and more and Shane goes there often to supervise the progress and see what else is needed. Rex tells me that is why he is still working at the age of 80+.


Mr. and Mrs. Rex Grady not only have their Son and his wife in the business but have added their grand daughter Jordan and grandson Jeremiah is getting started in the family business.

Rex with a string of BassRex With A Nice Stringer Of Bass
Our Home at BransonOur Table Rock Lake Home

World Class fisherman "Rex" ---- Our Home "Rex" helped us locate!

The reason I know these fine folks so personal is because my wife Marilyn and I (Don) looked at about 30 homes with Rex before purchasing our beautiful lake home on about 10 shoreline acres of Table Rock Lake. I think we finally did in the old car that Rex's wife said he wouldn't get rid of until it died. Folks you can't find a more honest hard working local family real estate company anywhere in the area and I highly recommend them. Branson Lakes Country Realty has been here from the beginning and will be here at the end.

When you really want to know how to catch fish or where you can buy or sell some Real Estate just give Branson Lakes Country Realty a call