Branson Tri Lakes Region A Small Area Making A Big Difference...

Table Rock Dam At Flood StageTable Rock Dam At Flood Stage

Even though Sourthern Missouri and Northern Arkansas are heavily populated with lakes the Branson Tri Lakes Region would be talking about Table Rock-Taneycomo-Bull Shoals Lakes as a geographic region. Farther to the West is Beaver lake Northwest of Eureka Springs and to the Southeast is Norfolk Lake. These lakes receive their water source from the many smaller springs and creeks but mainly they get it from the White and James Rivers.

Actually the flow goes from Beaver-Table Rock-Taneycomo-Bull Shoals-Norfolk Lakes.

This article is really not about the lakes however I just threw that in to better acquaint you with the geographic area.

What we are really talking about here is the towns and villages that make up the Branson Tri Lakes Region.



Branson is the center or the hub of the Tri Lakes Region. It is the largest City and has the most commerce of all the others listed below. It is entirely dependent on the Tourist Industry. It has about 5 major attractions plus about 50 theaters producing about 110 shows. Its history was very much dependent on the White River for fishing and transportation and now that the river is sectioned up into all the above lakes there is a huge industry dealing with resorts-fishing-boating-water sports and even the Branson Bell Showboat which gives dinner/show cruises on Table Rock Lake. On Lake Taneycomo there is the best trout fishing in the country and the Branson Landing is situated along its shore with a 100 shops including anchor the Bass Pro shop and floating restaurant. The new Branson Convention and hotel is there plus the depot for the Branson Scenic Railroad.

There are also 2 smaller cruise boats on Lake Taneycomo that offer private charters-scenic cruises as well as dinner cruises one is a paddle wheeler and the other a cabin cruiser.

Rockaway Beach

This is a small village that has a very long history entertaining tourists as when it was on the banks of the White River folks would come there to enjoy the country atmosphere and the river activities. They have been trying for some years to introduce gambling to their city but it been defeated at the poles several times. The city I believe was moved back from the river edge when the Lake Taneycomo dam was constructed. Now it is mostly a bedroom community with little industry or commerce.


This village has more commerce and is along Lake Taneycomo. It is primary a bedroom community also with most folks working elsewhere.


Hollister is really an up and coming close neighbor to Branson. As the city of Branson becomes filled with businesses and homes the population spills over to the close neighbors. Hollister as a very nice quaint downtown area along Lake Taneycomo and has not only the downtown businesses but a large mall south of town along highway 65. College of the Ozarks and the Branson Airport are in this region.

Kimberling City

This City is on the West border of Branson and is a business/resort city. There are business along highway 13 and resorts along the shores of Table Rock Lake. There are lots and lots of homes with lake views in all directions located here and on the waters edge there are lots of floating boat docks and a large community park and marina.

Branson West

Northwest of Branson this city has less homes that most of the others but it does have lots of smaller businesses plus a Super Walmant that has been the first in the area for years. Now there is a new one in Branson. The large Theme Park called Silver Dollar City lays sandwiched in between Branson West and Branson. There is not a lot of expansion room in Kimberling City but there is quit a bit of room to the West and North of Branson West.

There villages and cities all become what we call the Branson Tri Lakes Region. There are several smaller villages along this string of winding lakes that are not mentioned in this report.

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