The Butterfly Palace Exibits Beautiful Butterflies And Insects In A Nature Setting 

The Butterfly PalaceThe Butterfly Palace

The Butterfly Palace has moved to a majestic place up on the mountainside overlooking Branson. It is in a new beautiful palace looking building made special for everyone to see all the great butterflies and yes even some other bugs. (Or insects if you like that word better)


When you take the Butterfly Palace and Rain forest Adventure trip you will walk among over 1,000 beautiful butterflies that literally come from all over the world. Everything is climate controlled to help these beautiful creatures who love to live here and become an attraction for you.

The Butterfly Palace Turtle TankThe Butterfly Palace Turtle Tank

The Rain forest trip goes through botanical garden filled with tropical plants with lots of humidity from water attractions. You will see these wonderful creations by nature in their natural element. These frail looking butterflies are really tougher than they look. You will find out how they migrate over long distances in different places of the world. You will see the plants that they get the nectar from that they use for food.

You will be able to see 3D films all about butterflies and other insects and where they live in the rain forests. This is truly an attraction for the whole family.

Visitors can journey through the Emerald forest Mirror Maze and follow the twists and waves in the mirrors as you go around the turns and bends. All this fun while viewing all the great vegetation and natural creatures.

The Butterfly Palace LobbyThe Butterfly Palace Lobby

Oh Ya there is even a Insect Zoo where you can see all the exhibits of different kinds of friendly creatures that live in the rain forest.

When you go to the Butterfly Palace website you will even be able to get a reduced priced coupon and any other information you may be interested in.

The Butterfly Palace LobbyThe Butterfly Palace Lobby

They are located at 4106 W Highway 76 Branson, MO 65616 (417) 332-2231 Here is their website link.