Comedy Jamboree Will Just Crack You UP

Comedy JamboreeComedy Jamboree

Comedy Jamboree is more fun than watching wild turkeys trying to land on a hot tin roof. A rollercoaster of laughs, comedy, music, dance and family fun! This and the Amazing Pets are really great shows for the kids and might even cheer up a crabby Grampa.


Don’t miss this comedy and musical extravaganza! Starring Grand Country’s favorite son, Splinter Middleton; Veteran Branson funny man, Jae McFerron; pianist extraordinaire, Tracy Heaston, and a sizzling cast of singers and dancers, all backed by the best of the best of Branson musicians. This show is a HOT TICKET!

From hilarious comedic routines, which always feature victims…errr… volunteers from the audience, and show stopping musical moments, the Comedy Jamboree is a MUST SEE while visiting Branson!

Comedy JamboreeComedy Jamboree

Comedy Jamboree is performed daily at 2:00 p.m., January through December, only at Grand Country Music Hall!

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Comedy Jamboree at the Grand Country Music Hall.