The Doug Gabriel Show Is Top Entertainment...

Doug Gabriel Now At The Pierce Arrow TheatherDoug Gabriel Now At The Pierce Arrow Theather

Doug Gabriel has been performing in Branson for 22 years and 14 of those on his own show. He probably has the leading variety family morning show in Branson and it is at 10AM. He took the award of the "Best Morning Show" for the years 1997-98-99-2001-03-06 and was acknowledged as "Branson's Entertainer of the Year" in 2000 and "Male Vocalist of the Year" seven times.


He is not only a Multi talented entertainer with his high degree of proficiency with the guitar but he is also a wonderful singer/songwriter, Piano and even on his mufftar. Doug was inducted into the Branson's Hall of Fame after winning "Best Male Vocalist" five of the last six years.

Now don't get the idea that this is a one man show because his whole family get into the act. He and Cheryl have been married for over 25 years and have 3 children who all get into the act. There are lots of other great entertainers that join in for the show to make it that great award winning morning show.

He comes to the stage with great hits from Elvis, Jim Reeves and more and they also do great Gospel classics.

No Branson show is complete without a heart felt tribute to all the Veterans.

Doug Playing His MufguitarDoug Playing His Mufguitar

What is a mufftar you ask? Well Doug's Dad made a actual working guitar for him and his brother out of old car mufflers. His was a 1969 Thunderbird muffler and his brothers was a 1972 Buick. Doug's Dad had a muffler shop so it was material on hand so why not, right? Doug will play a very difficult musical arrangement on his original mufftar live on your show. You are going to go and see his morning show aren't you? Doug is now playing at the Pierce Arrow Theater. 417-336-8742

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