Grand Jubilee Outstanding Attraction at the Grand Country Music Hall...

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Grand Jubilee is a major attraction at the Grand Country Music hall. From the first downbeat, audiences fall in love with the power harmonies and dynamic performance of Branson’s BEST Quartet, New South! Mark, Scott, Jason & Trey sing today’s country hits as well as quartet classics from the Oak Ridge Boy’s to the Eagles. The high energy and versatility of the entire cast astound audiences. From Country to Gospel and 50’s to modern day, This show explodes with musical fun to satisfy any age.

Comedy is abundant! Branson’s reigning Comedian of the Year, Jamie Haage, as Jim Dandy and Emcee extraordinaire, Mike Patrick, will keep you absolutely doubled over in laughter. Also, Grand Country favorite, the talented Jackie Brown entertains countless fans with her dynamic performance and power vocals. The handsome and energetic Todd Bradshaw also joins this star studded cast to sing his way into the hearts of audience members.

The incredibly talented musicians from the Grand Band are also showcased and given a chance to show their stuff. This GRAND production combines the entertainment sophistication Branson audiences have come to expect, along with “up-close and personal” performances of talented performers, to create an experience which will bring you back time and time again.

Jamie Haage, Mike Patrick and FriendsJamie Haage, Mike Patrick and Friends

This extravaganza is performed daily at 8:00 p.m., January through December, only at Grand Country Music Hall!

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