The Hughes Brothers Kin Really Fill A Stage

The Huges Brothers New Show is Called "IT"

5 Hughes Brothers Make Music and More5 Hughes Brothers Make Music and More

The Hughes Brothers Kin Really Fill Up A Stage. Did you catch my little play on words there. Well keep reading and you will. The Hughes Brothers came to Branson 27 years ago but started performing as singles, duets and all the way up to a Quintet a long time before they came to Branson.


They came from Utah and eventually brought the whole family including Dad (Gary) and Mom (Lena) and when they got ready to start up a family Entertainment business they bought the Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre and today it displays one of the finest Marque and Computer Enhanced signs in the business next to the "Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede" sign which I heard costs several million dollars. The first time I came to Branson about 20 years ago Roy Clark was still in that theater.

We know the Hughes Brothers theater quite well because my wife (Marilyn) and I worked with the Delene show in that very theater until her early death. It is kind of funny as I remember we were in the theater early for practice one day and there were kids running all over the place and I asked the fellow we knew from the Ticket Booth and he said they all belong to the Hughes Brothers. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to know the Hughes Brothers and family better. I guess we just thought Delene would live to be 100 and we had years to get better aquainted. We got to know Gary and Lena as they took care of the Fudge counter during our show as well as their own. I knew Marty quite well having met him in the theater and at some homes where we were so graciously invited to parties and I remember Marty told me he had the most kids with 9 at the time and it goes all the way down to none for one couple at that time.

Most of the family members served a term in the missionary field as part of their religious training and they became very aware of world affairs. Here is a little story you don't see on the other web sites but I don't think they will mind if I slide it in here. After all I claim to be the "Man on the Street". When all the boys had moved away from home Gary and Lena (Mom and Dad) got the kind of empty nest feeling so they went out and adopted a group of Russian kids I can't remember just how many but I got to know one older girl and she spoke great English and she worked in the concession stand some times. I really liked to talk to her because she was always knitting something and I asked her why she was doing that and she said she was going to get married some day and she was expected to be able to do such things.

OK, enough already! first I list the boys and a little about them then the wives and when you come to the morning show you will get to see all the kids. I think they even home school them because of their busy schedule.

Marty Hughes (my friend) is oldest and has over a Dozen Kids at last countMarty Hughes (my friend) is oldest and has over a Dozen Kids at last count

The Hughes Brothers totally produce their own show. Marty earned a music degree with a recording emphasis at Brigham Young University.

Jason HughesJason Hughes

Jason is the director and choreographer of the show. His college major was threefold in Music, Dance and Theater.

Adam HughesAdam Hughes

Among Adam' s many interests are photography, film, lighting, and graphic design. Having pursued a film major, he oversees lighting design for the show, and is the primary graphic designer for the company.

Ryan plays the bass guitar. His beautiful voice is outstanding on the country ballads, and he brings down the house with his dramatic performance of music from Phantom of the Opera.

Andy, the youngest, jokingly says that his job is simply to look good. His boyish good looks win all the girls' hearts, from tiny tots to grannies.

The brother's equally talented wives also perform in the show. Marty's beautiful wife Cindy sings and dances in the show. Jason actually met his wife Mara when they performed together in a show at a theme park named Lagoon. Ryan's wife Carina is a classically trained prima ballerina and has danced on stages from San Francisco to New York City. And as Andy's wife Becky sings and dances alongside Carina, you may notice a certain resemblance between the two. It's no coincidence; they're sisters! Adam's wife Vikki was the last wife to marry into the family. She has a wide range of talents from the stage to scrapbooking. None of the wives are strangers to the stage; most are performance veterans, having sung, danced, and acted throughout their lives.

Now their wives and 30 children are also in the show, delighting audiences as they entertain alongside the brothers. With the largest cast in Branson, they also carry the title of the "World's Largest Performing Family".

Hughes Family Members Well Most of themHughes Family Members Well Most of them

Do you now see why their Kin can fill a stage with all the family on stage there are about 40 of them and you should see those little ones play the violin and dance. They're more fun than watching a wild turkey dance on a hot tin roof.

Marty Hughes (my friend) is oldest and has over a Dozen Kids at last countMarty Hughes (my friend) Does Patriotic Number In The Show "IT"

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