The Joey Riley Comedy And Music Review Was A Great Family Show

Joey RileyJoey Riley

Joey Riley passed away some time ago after suffering from cancer.

I don't make a habit of leaving pages up after a star has either passed away or left town or just quit entertaining. In Joey's case I am leaving it up because if you ever came to Branson and saw some shows you probably met or at least saw Joey Riley in action and if you did you will never forget him.


Joey Riley was just a hoot in anyone's Book especially mine. 2009 will be Joey's 6th year of hosting his own "The Joey Riley Comedy and Music Review". He had been one of Mickey Gilleys top musicians and chief funny guys for 17 years and was been in Branson for over 20 years.

Not only was he a great comedian but he could play the socks off of almost every instrument on the stage and you should have seen his wife Kelli and dance partner Mike Bliss tear up the rug. His brother Scott plays bass and was a singer along with Joey. Ya That's Right Pardner Joey Could Plain Sing and his tribute to the Veterans is known all over town. He involves the kids and it was a great show for the whole family.

Joey and KelliJoey and Kelli