Mickey Gilley Has Been A Branson Attraction For Many Years

Mickey GilleyMickey Gilley has been in Branson for many years. He says that this is his last year.

Don't tell me next year that I didn't tell you that this is the last year for Mickey Gilley Performing In Branson

Mickey Gilley was born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1936 and grew up near Ferriday, Louisiana. He had two famous cousins Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart. Mickey learned to play piano quite early but didn't get famous until well after his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis. He moved to Houston, Texas and worked construction by day and playing the honky tonks at night.


He recorded his first number in Memphis for Dot Records and continued to play clubs all over the south. He later ended up in Pasadena, Tx. and began performing in the Nesadel Club where he became quite an attraction. In 1971 he opened up the Gilley's club. His club grew to very large and busy and by mid seventies his hits were in the country charts.

Mickey Gilley LogoMickey Gilley Logo

The Mickey Gilley Theater in located on 76 country Music Blvd. here in Branson, Missouri. His theater is a state of the art performance center and offers the finest music and comedy anywhere in Branson. He had thirty nine hit songs and seventeen songs went number one on the country charts. He has been entertaining for over 40 years. The Theater is located at 3455 West Highway 76 Branson, MO 65616 +1 417 334 3210

When you visit with him after the show ask him about the two accidents he had flying his twin engine airplane. One was something about leaving his jewelry case on the wing of the airplane when he took off and the other about landing with the landing gear up. I have heard Katie Lynn say she won't fly with him any more so when they go on the road the cast flies commercial.

Mickey GilleyMickey Gilley

You can have Dinner at the Gilley Texas Cafe before taking in the the Mickey Gilley Show is in the evening at 8 PM  You will also see Katie Lynn and several others plus the band in his legendary show.

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