Noah The Musical Live Bible Story

Noah The Musical was Shown During The 2015 Season and Moses is the Show for 2016

At the Sight and Sound Theater the Shows are rotated every so often so check out the Sight And Sound Theater page at this link for the currant Bible Story Shown. 

Noah The Musical is a fully produced live production of the Noah and the Ark Bible Story.


After God reveals to the righteous Noah that a flood will extinguish all life on earth, He charges the man to construct an ark massive enough to shelter his family, any other true believers, and pairs of every species of living creature.

Lacking materials, Noah takes his three sons to Nod, a city in decline. The family tries in vain to convince their friends and neighbors to join them, and are ridiculed and attacked throughout the decades it takes them to fulfill God's command.

Watch Noah and his family try to care not only for themselves while at sea, but for their vast menagerie as well. Experience their stress at being cooped up together for more than a year. When their trying journey is finally complete, marvel at the wonder of God's reward for Noah's unquestioning obedience and devotion to Him.

A million watts of lights - sixty-thousand watts of sound - and a stage over twenty-thousand square feet in size. The Branson Theatre shows are live theatre productions on a massive scale.

Now, you have the exclusive opportunity of going backstage in our Behind The Scenes Tour. Discover the technology and ingenuity that powers the dramatic complexity of each show. You'll visit the nerve centers that keep the lights, sound, stage - and even animals on cue. You'll also glimpse a state-of-the-art scene shop creating sets for upcoming shows, learn about the process involved in bringing a story to life, and step up to the stage for an actor's view at our incomparable Branson Theatre. To enjoy the Noah the Musical production go to their website from the colored link below.

The Sight & Sound Theater is located at 1001 Shepherd of the Hills Exp Branson, Mo 65616 
For Noah The Musical full Information go to their website here.