Shoji Tabuchi Always A Top Show In Branson Missouri

It is hard to believe that Shoji Tabuchi has been entertaining for 21 years. I believe we saw his show when we were in Branson Missouri for the very first time. The Shoji show is a remarkable amount of talent all on one stage. It is fast moving with enough variety to keep you thrilled at the depth of everything going on.


What a lot of people first heard about the Shoji show is that Shoji had the most breathtaking gold plated bathrooms in the world. His ladies room is just a blaze of shiny gold and surrounded with fresh cut flowers and lotion dispensers for that final touch.

His mens room is no slouch either. It has billiard tables in a entrance room with leather covered easy chairs for you to lounge in while at intermission or watching a pool game in progress. Oh yes more gold fixtures in here also.

We should also mention that the show is also great. Shoji is probably one of the most talented violin players on the planet and he should be will all the practice he gets doing 2 shows daily form Mon-Sat. 3 and 7PM. You may also be lucky enough to see his wife Dorothy and daughter Christina perform in the show as they have much talent of their own to offer.

If you think you may fall asleep during the show Shoji as a huge 5 foot diameter Japanese drum and it is accompanied by 24 other drums to keep you alert.

Shoji Tabuchi TheaterShoji Tabuchi Theater

Al in all the Shoji Tabuchi show is a thrill to see with tons of musicians and dancers plus plenty of solo's to fill the bill. Don't miss the #1 rated show in Branson Missouri

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