Sight and Sound Theater

Moses Statue at Sight and Sound LobbyMoses Statue at Sight and Sound Lobby

 The Sight and Sound Theater in Branson Has shown several Bible Stories in recent years since it was constructed. In 2015 they did Noah and in 2016 they are doing Moses. You will not believe the extent that was taken in building the Sight and Sound Theater. It is just breath taking both inside and outside and you have to see it to believe it. You can drive up to it and view the outside and the inside lobby area. The pictures on this page were taken in the lobby area both on the main floor and in the loft.  


Moses Being Played Out at the Sight and Sound Theater 


The parting of the Red Sea ... the Burning Bush ... the Plagues ... the Ten Commandments ... finally ... the greatest Biblical epic of the Old Testament comes to life on the Sight & Sound stage in Branson, MO - Moses! Journey back through time and relive the golden splendor and pride of ancient Egypt, the poverty and oppression of the Hebrew slaves and the humble, broken man that God raised up to become their deliverer. Not only will you be completely immersed in the spectacular, epic events of the story, but you will experience the humanity of Moses and the children of Israel as they struggle for faith, freedom and belonging. This incredible adventure is like none other for this is when God breaks into history and reveals who He is and that He has come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free!

 Sight and Sound Theater trailer for the Moses Show click on this link.

Sound and Sight Theater Noah Model on DisplaySound and Sight Theater Noah Model on Display