Stone Hill Winery Is A Major Branson Attraction

Stone Hill HermannStone Hill Winery at Hermann

Stone Hill Winery has a long history in the state if Missouri. It was Founded in 1847 and they are headquartered out of Hermann Mo. Before Prohibition in the 1920's the winery was producing one and a quarter millions gallons of wine a year. During Prohibition their many wine cellars were used to grow Mushrooms.


In 1965 the Winery was bought by Jim and Betty Held and they rebuilt the winery and it's cellars and started producing wine again. In 2008 it produced 260,000 gallons of wine. It uses state of the art equipment and technology and is now the oldest winery in Missouri and it is the most awarded of all.

Bottle Filling At The Stone Hill WineryStone Hill Winery Filling Sparkling Wine into Bottles

It has it's headquarters in Hermann and another branch at New Florence and the facility here at Branson.

In Branson the Winery is one of our best attractions. Even though they don't grow the grapes here they do store and bottle their Spumante wine here and you will see that when you take the wine tasting tour. You can drop in at the Branson winery at any time and get in line for their next tour of the facility and taste all the wine in their many tasting rooms.

Stone Hill Winery Tasting RoomStone Hill Winery Tasting Room

The winery here located at highway 165 and Gren Mountain Drive just 2 blocks off of highway 76 Branson. 601 State Highway 165 Branson, MO 65616
(417) 334-1897 1-888-926-9463 

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