Table Rock Lake Brings Water Sports To Branson

Table Rock Dam At Flood StageTable Rock Dam At Flood Stage

Table Rock Lake was created from the waters of the White River, James River and numerous other smaller rivers and streams. The US Army Corps of Engineers constructed the dam and lake between 1954-1958. It was primarily constructed as a flood control reservoir.


The dam elevations above sea level is 931 feet with the normal pool at 915 ft. The concrete section is 1,602 ft and contains 1,230,000 cubic yards of concrete. The total dam length is 6,423 ft and the height of the dam above stream bed is 252 ft. There is 3,320,000 cubic yards of earthen fill in the embankment.

Normal pool is 43,100 acres and flood control pool is 53,300 acres and flood control pool holds 760,000 acre feet of water and the lake 3,462,000 acre ft.. The shore line at normal pool is 745 miles and flood pool 857 miles. There are 4 generating units rated at 50,000 KW each and total capacity of 200,00 kilowatts. Water temperature varies according to season and in spring it is 56-77F and summer 85-90 and fall 71-82 and winter 42-47

Table Rock Lake New Boat Dock Being InstalledTable Rock Lake New Boat Dock Being Installed

The colder water off the bottom is used at the Missouri Dept. of Conservation fish hatchery below the dam to raise millions of trout. Many of these are planted into Lake Taneycomo which is a rapid flowing lake about 22 miles in length and only a few 100's of yards wide. These trout from the hatchery are planted in many other lakes and rivers in the area that are cool enough to sustain them.

Table Rock Lake due to it's depth and water temperature is an excellent lake for Bass and Pan Fish. Many National fishing contests are held here each year. The lake is located adjacent to the city of Branson and the city of Kimberling are on it's shoreline. When you look at the map of the lake it looks like a huge serpent with all the legs and arms reaching out from the main body. These are caused by the water being backed up in canyons of the Ozark Mountains. These bays make for great fishing and weather protection.

Table Rock Lake Map

We live on Beardsley bay a very popular bay with several small streams bringing fresh oxygenated water into the lake. We see boats out on the bay fishing almost every day of the year as the lake never freezes and some of the species of fish are always in season.