Taneycomo Lake becomes The Best Trout Lake In The Country

Taneycomo is just a name made up of the combination of the words Taney County Missouri. But way back in time before any of us can remember the White River flowed through Taney or where Taney county is now and it received help from the James and other smaller rivers and creeks. 


These rivers like all rivers were the highways of travel and commerce in the Indian and early settlers days. You may have seen furs, nuts, logs, lumber, military supplies, fish, clothing, skins, wild game and just about anything that the folks of that time needed to transport. In 1913 that travel was hampered in this area by the building of the Power Site Dam near the present town of Forsyth and as more electric power was needed the Power Dam at Branson created Table Rock Lake in 1958.

Prior to Table Rock Dam being created the rivers were warm water rivers. As the lake level built up in Table Rock lake, over 200 feet deep, the water was drained off the bottom through the elect generators the temperature of the lake below it started to drop. This lake is a narrow winding lake of about 22 miles in length and only a few hundreds of yards wide and over 50 feet deep. It travels between steep cliffs built by the years of erosion of the early rivers. Now when power is being generated at Table Rock Power Station the currant quickens and the water temperature drops due to all the water being drawn off the bottom of Table Rock Lake. This colder temperature made ideal conditions for trout as they like cold water and most of the warm water fish had migrated down into Bull Shoals lake below. The State of Missouri Built and operates the fish hatchery just below Table Rock Dam and Power Station.

Hundreds of Thousands of Trout, and more almost every day, have been planted into Taneycomo Lake by the hatchery and it is also used to plant Trout in other lakes and rivers within the state of Missouri. Lake Taneycomo is the crown jewel of all trout fishing lakes in the country and folks come from far and wide to try their luck catching these firm cold great eating fish.

One friend of mine told me a friend of his took him down the currant of Taneycomo and showed him how to catch the trout. That first trip on the lake brought them in 28 nice pound to two pound Trout and the next time he went by himself and he caught 24. Now I believe the limit is 5 in Possession. He says he fishes Taneycomo regularly.

Fishing conditions vary from day to day depending how much water the generators are releasing into the river. The more water they release the faster the currant and the lower the temperature drops Changing the fishing conditions.

One also has to read and abide by the fishing rules on the lake and water just below the dam is protected for the smaller fish just released then there is a catch and release area then farther downstream you can keep your limit.

There are many public access points on the lake and you can check at the hatchery hatchery to get all the latest regulations and conditions and where you can access the best fishing. Taneycomo Lake for Rainbow Trout