The Duttons Family Show In Branson

Dutton Theater on Hiway 76Dutton Theater on Hiway 76

This Family is known as Branson's most versatile music group. The Variety is astounding! Throughout the show, each Dutton plays at least six different instruments and each song features something unique.


Mom gets on the Bass and Dad gets the guitar and all the kids just jump in where able and the whole family just makes beautiful music together. It is truly a pleasure to see such a talented family playing here in Branson. They perform all kinds of music from Gospel, Jazz, Rock 'n roll, bluegrass and classical. There is singing and dancing with Amy and Abigail on the fiddle and Josh on the harmonica and they all join in harmony. To put a family like the Duttons together takes a huge sacrifice in personal desires and professions along with countless hours and years of learning to play not just one instrument but multi instruments. As the grandchildren come along they have to be considered and they need to be educated and trained if they are to fall in the families footsteps.

The DuttonsThe Dutton Family Show

In Branson their is probably the biggest selection of Family musical groups anywhere in the world and the Dutton show is one you just don't want to miss. They are located at The Dutton Theater 3454 W State Highway 76 Branson, MO 65616 and by the way don't forget they have the Dutton Inn and Deli so you can work up a package deal there.

Dutton Theater BillboardDutton Theater Billboard

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