You Now Can Tour The Titanic Here In Branson, Missouri

Titanic Billboard Explains the AttractionTitanic Billboard Explains the Attraction

The Titanic is a name that everyone knows but what happened that fateful night is something that no one knows everything about. The date April 14, 1912 and Captain John E. Smith age 62 was in his cabin having just finished having dinner with some very special passengers.


The huge ship lurched and the Captain immediately knew that it had struck something. He had retired early to his quarters because he knew the ship was in waters that contained large Ice Bergs and when he felt the crash he immediately thought the worse and he rushed to the bridge. From that moment on no one really knows all that went on.

Music continued to play in the Lounges and drinks continued to be poured and everyone was told that everything was fine. Passengers paraded around in their fancy jewelry and the finist clothing spending money like it was going out of style for after all this was the maiden voyage of this marvelous Super Ocean Liner. Orders from the bridge I am sure were called down to every engineering space and a request for damage reports was requested. When it was reported that the hull had been breached and water was filling spaces below the waterline the Captain thinking his ship was unsinkable because it was equipped with water tight compartments below decks I am sure he ordered they all be closed. This is where the questions rise. What went wrong.

HMS Titanic Unbelievable ExposionHMS Titanic Unbelievable Exposion

Touring the Titanic in Branson

When you take a tour of the Titanic in Branson you will be given a passengers name printed on the ticket you are given when you board. You will be allowed to view the largest collection (over 400) artifacts from the Titanic. They say none of them were taken from the ship after the accident. You will be allowed to go through about 20 different rooms or spaces where you will be able to-

  •  Walk an elegant replica of the Titanic's Grand Staircase
  • Touch the frozen surface of an 'iceberg'
  • Feel the chill of that fateful "Starry Night"
  • See the world's largest Titanic ship's model on display Stand on the mighty ship's bridge and hear the Captain's commands
  • View life onboard, see a First Class Stateroom & Third Class cabin
  • Explore world-class gallery rooms with rare historical artifacts
  • Try to send an SOS signal from the ship’s wireless room
  • View an exclusive exhibit of the only known interior & exterior Titanic photos

You will be able to find out whether you drowned in the sinking of the Titanic or whether you were rescued. Capt. Smith did not he drowned on April 15, 1912 with many many others.

Original Titanic actually History Report by author Donald Raether

Capt. SmithTitanic Capitan Smith

This great exhibit can be seen at it's mooring located at 3235 W State Highway 76 Branson, MO 65616 (417) 334-9500

We have not had the opportunity to go aboard it as of yet but we hope to very soon and if you are in Branson I would suggest you do the same as there is no where else in the world where you can see as much or learn as much as you can here. If my article sounds like it came from a nautical man you are correct I served in the US Naval Reserve for 22.5 years. 

View the Titanic website.