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Welcome to "The Live Entertainment Capitol of the World".

CJ Newsom As Patsy Cline and Stage BandCJ Newsom As Patsy Cline and Stage Band Our Friend Jim Goldapp Hiding In the Back Row

Our Welcome how we were introduced and later hooked on living in Branson and the Ozark Mountain Country.

This website is really not about selling but rather about giving our readers the very best information we can find all about Branson and bringing it to you by "The Man On The Street"


What I mean by that is we are, I hope, the best and probably the only website dedicated to Branson, Missouri and the Ozark Mountain Country that has no affiliation with any company, business, association, level of government or anyone else other than my wife Marilyn. (she made me say that) 

As you read my pages you will probably sense my northern Minnesota Scandinavian accent and yes my western flair. This page is too short to go into our life story so when you get done with this page you might get more out of the rest of the site by going to our About Us page and with a cup of coffee or something stronger you can check us out. Some have said it is more like a Auto Biography and some said it was more like a confession.

The reason we are working on this web site for you all is that we first came here in 1980 and during our stay we went to a few shows and visited with lots of local folks and they are just out of  this world and we really fell in love with the them and the beautiful Ozark Mountain Country area and all the great shows. Later in 2000 we bought a time share here and came down and stayed a little longer and during that time we noticed that the Entertainment was more diversified. In 2003 a friend was care taking at the Turkey Creek Campground and some Entertainment Companies came to the campground and RV Park and put on some short show previews. (check the lodging section for more on that ) Our friends then got passes to see the shows and they could bring along 2 guests so we went to several with them.

The Always Famous Hughes BrothersThe Always Famous Hughes Brothers

We bought a home here in 2004 after downsizing our Cattle/Horse Ranch in Minnesota and selling our place in Montana. Our MT. property was over 6300 feet above sea level and in the Galatin Mountains it was 7 miles of gravel road that was not snow plowed and it was closed to vehicles about 4 months of the year. We decided that was a worse place than the MN ranch to winter so we started looking for a home in Branson. We have about 10 acres of lake shore property overlooking beautiful Table Rock Lake and just across the bay from the Showboat Branson Bell and the State Park and Marina. We love it in the mornings when the fog lays over the many Ozark Mountain  ridges and they look like a layered effect.

Our Branson HomeOur Branson Home
Myself Heading Out To Check On Things On The RanchMyself Heading Out To Check On Things On The Ranch In Minnesota

Our Welcome to the Ozark Mountain Country Housing Market

Our Realtor from Branson Country Lakes Realty told us to buy a big house "kuz" when your friends and family hear you have a place in Branson they will all want to come and visit. We listened and bought a 5 bedroom home and that year we had 13 of us for Christmas. We still go up to the Ranch in the summer and care for the cattle and put up some crops and spend the holidays with our 2 Kids and 4 Grandsons. Coming from the "Frozen Nort Ya" MN and MT we can't take the heat too "goot" and we understand it gets quite hot and humid here during mid summer.

Today wasn't exactly a typical day but for Mar.5 it was 77 degrees and Marilyn was trimming her plants in the front yard and I took a break from my writing to pile some firewood for our fireplace. After writing again for awhile I noticed it had become dark and it was time for me to barbecue some steaks for our supper. It was just gorgeous on the back deck looking at Branson's skyline lights reflecting off the lake surface and the Chateau on the Lake Hotel and Spa was lit up like a Christmas tree and it has lights along the road winding up the Ozark Mountain road to the fully illuminated Hotel.

We live on a wooded mountain top ridge overlooking the lake and I could hear Coyotes yipping in the Oak and Cedars of the hillside across from us. It really is a welcome sound and reminds me of Montana except much warmer for this time of year.

Horses and Riders Dixie StampedeHorses and Riders Dixie Stampede

Lets Talk About This Website and It's Welcome to the Ozark Mountain Country

OK, getting down to business we said we had Branson information from "soup to nuts" or was it A To Z and that is what we will have as soon as we can get it all down in writing and uploaded to the site. You can just click on the links in the left column and they will take you to many MANY pages of information written by us and with no bias or BS.
The first few links are really big subjects like Entertainment, Lodging, Recreation and Transportation and so on down the list. If you are lucky I might even throw in a "Ole, Sven and Lena yoke". Many of the text words that are colored will take you to other informative pages but they will not take you away from the site as when you close those pages the site will still be there waiting for you. You will only be taken away when you click on any of the Goggle Ads on the site so we recommend you go up to your browser and bookmark our site so you can find us easily and we always want you to keep coming back for more of our great information and stories "YA"
When you come to Branson (notice I didn't say if) you just have to get back in the hills and look at the beauty of the Ozarks Mountain Country and everything hiding in them. At the transportation link I will try to encourage you to take a guided tour on your first day so you can see all that is Branson. The Mountains aren't a hundred miles away but everything Branson is right in the mountains. Don't tell anyone but our phone number is in the directory and you can call us and we would love to chat with you and maybe we could even give you the tour or at least have coffee if we aren't also out enjoying the sights or on a trip to MN.     

Please enjoy our site and keep coming back and we'll keep updating it. We hope to have Audio Interviews  with some of our local celebrities and even some sample show soundtracks or videos for you to enjoy. So "Come on Down" and enjoy everything Branson and the Ozark Mountain Country has to offer... 

Thanks for your visit I hope you enjoy it and again  "Welcome,
Don Raether

Don And Marilyn RaetherDon And Marilyn Raether

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