The Worlds Largest Toy And The Author Harold Bell Wright Museums Are Here

Advertised as the Worlds Largest Toy MuseumAdvertised as the Worlds Largest Toy Museum

The Worlds Largest Toy Museum

Some said no kid is as happy as a kid in a candy store. Well here that isn't necessaraly true. Here it is said no kid is as happy as a kid in the Worlds Largest Toy Museum.


Here you can go back in time all the way back into the 1800's and you will find toys and many of them are on display here in the worlds largest Toy Museum. There are tons of dolls, trains, trucks, tanks and other war toys. There are play houses, play dish sets, cowboy and Indian play things and everything in between. Don't pass up a chance to look over this grand collection while you are in Branson.

Advertised as the Worlds Largest Toy MuseumWorlds Largest Toy Museum And It's Endless Doll Collection

Another Museum

Harold Bell Wright wrote the novel The Shepherd of the Hills here in the Ozark Mountain Country and came every summer for 8 years and stayed up near the old homestead where the characters of his novel lived. He had originally come here for his health but loved the hills so much he just kept coming back time after time.

His memorabilia are in a collection of furniture, clothing, writing material and all the stuff he used while writing 19 books. He was also a artist and preacher and in the museum you will see his gun collection from the turn of the century period and before.

After writing his Shepherd of the Hills novel he became quite famous and his books were translated in other languages and were found all over the world. Check out his museum here along with the World Biggest Toy Museum. See them Both!

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