2015 advertising plan advertiser announcement notice

Special 2015 Advertising Announcement

New 2015 Season "We Want To Help!" Special Advertising Policy
We thank all of our present paid advertising customers but we would like to help everyone get by all the hardship that has plagued Branson during the last few years. Our website has been advertising Branson as the best Vacation Location, For The Money, in the United States for over four years and we would like to further our efforts by trying to help you get your business back to running full blast like it was before all the hardships came along. For this year only ignore our regular pricing policy below and click on this link to be taken to a special page where you will see how your business can boost its visitor count by taking advantage of our (Emergency Special Pricing Plan)

We will now accept advertisements for your business on our WebSite

Even though our website is fairly young as websites go it now has well over one hundred thirty pages and every one of them is keyword rich and bringing in an ever increasing flow of traffic.

Our daily visitors increased 20% in the last month and this increase has been getting larger each month. We had about 7,000 page views by 5,000 visitors this month alone. We have had some folks ask us about advertising on our site but we indicated we wanted it to increase in Traffic to an extent that our advertisers will know that their advertising dollar is well spent. We are so excited to know that we are now at that point and we can help our neighbors advertise and build their business.

Some site owners charge on how many visitors click on the advertisers link and that link is based on one Key Word. This type of advertising is called CPC or cost per click and it is just like advertising using Google Adwords. I am sure some of our readers have tried this type of advertising and know how hard it is to get the perfect add for the perfect key words and to control the money spent. I have even tried it myself on one of my websites and gave up on it as I only got clicks from folks that weren't the least bit interested in what I had to sell and this type of click is what we callĀ  WASTED MONEY.

Our website not only is on the first page for our domain key words but we are #1 and we have the entire first page and usually the second and third as well. At last count we had 37 listings in a row starting from the first page and the first position. I will put together a little report to show you what I mean and you will be able to check it out at this link

--------coming soon----------------------------.

I have heard folks here in Branson say "I wish we had someone that knows all about Internet Marketing and is located right here in the Ozark Mountain Country and knows the Entertainment Business that we have here in town." Well rest assured you have just that and I live right here and may be your neighbor as I have lived here for over 5 years and was a regular visitor for over 10 years before that. I have been in Internet marketing from the beginning of the Internet in 1994. We had my first website set up and working that year and have been building websites and selling online for over well over 20 years. I have also just completed an extensive training program on helping local businesses get their business on Google Maps at the top and the same for all the Search Engines including Local Search. I am helping some local businesses now and quickly getting their businesses on top of the heap as we say on the ranch.

We realize that the last year or two have not been easy for businesses in the Branson and the Ozark Mountain Country and we are doing everything we can to help everyone get back on their feet. We will be selling our advertising by the month and at a much reduced price during this troubled time and just helping our friends and neighbors get back on their feet. We are offering Banner ads of different sizes and full page ads. You might say why not half page ads and to that I simply say they just don't look professional enough and I would rather sell you a full page ad at the half page price. We hope to put audio interviews with the primary figures of your company and also get video set up on YouTube and your sale page to make your ads sell even better. We will put your logo and graphics in your ad and even special items you may have running for next month etc.

We will offer a monthly price and if you sign up for a year you will save about 20%. If you do not order the yearly rate we have the right to increase your advertising fee after any month. If you order for a year you can cancel at any time and we will pro rate your refund and you will be guaranteed the beginning price for the full year.

We fully expect that within the next year our website will be bringing in so much traffic or visitors our ads will have to go up in price accordingly.

You can set up a subscriber account with PayPal and they will automatically charge your business credit card each month and send you a receipt by email which will be your receipt. You can cancel at any time and we will cancel your subscription before the next billing.

These receipts will be your record for tax purposes. PayPal is a very large payment company that handles everything through encrypted lines and your account is very safe with them. I have at least a half dozen subscriptions running with them now and we have had no problems.

At no time will anyone other than PayPal be privy to your credit card information and that includes us here at Branson Ozark Mountain Country.

We will only advertise for a small number (usually 2-3) of similar businesses in each Community so if you have local competition I would recommend you sign up quickly so you can seal up this great advertising opportunity before the slots are spoken for.

Click on this link and you will be taken to the Pricing and Order Page and once you are there it will ask for a password and it is advertisenow