The Amazing Pets Are At The Grand Country Music Hall

The Amazing Pets is what the title indicates. Not only are the pets outstanding but the folks that tend to them really make the show what it is. Sean Paul and his wife Juliane have really got their hands full trying to control the "Son" Frankie the Monkey. This little guy will truly amaze you with its control and intelligence. Sean Paul also slips in a few of his magic acts into the show. This trio not only does a split season at the Grand Country Music Hall but also do private shows for companies and cruise ships.

The Amazing Pets show also has a couple from Russia that have trained dogs and house cats to do incredible acts of daring and balance. They completely trust their trainers to support them while they go through their routine.


They have exotic birds and doves trained to do all kinds of tricks. When things just don't go as planned there is always plenty of time for laughter. Frankie is so funny you can't help but laugh even when he isn't trying to be funny. When his parents tell you what it is like to be living with a wild monkey loose in the house you just won't believe it so they will show you video to prove it.

This show is one of the best if not the very best Children show in Branson. And when you see one show at the Grand Country Music Hall you get reduced tickets at all the other great shows there. My wife and I have had season passes to the Grand Country Music Hall for severeal years not only because we can use them for all the great shows there but they also stay open during the off season when we are always here.

Call the Grand Country Box Office for show times and reservations (1-888-506-6278 or 417-335-2484).

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