Branson Shows with more Entertainment and Variety each year


Branson shows used to be basic “hillbilly country”and little else. Today things have changed quite a bit. When it comes to Shows now you will find a huge variation. Branson Shows now are shows that feature country/comedy/classical music/magic/dance/acrobatic/animal and you name it. Lets list some by the above categories.



Classical Music

Popular Music

Comedy/Country/Popular Mix




Hamner Veriety Show (magic-dance-music-comedy)



Some of these Branson shows I would also put into a category of being an attraction and I will list the ones from the list above. The Sons of the Pioneers are appearing at the shepherd of the hills Old Mill Theater and that has a play where the book Shepherd of the Hills and the Old Matts Cabin. The Sons of the Pioneers sing cowboy music at a Chuck Wagon Dinner show.

The Showboat Branson Bell has a variety dinner show with the setting of the paddle wheeler Branson Belle.

Tri-Lakes Center/Welk Theater/Grand Palace/RFD-TV have a variety of shows by musical stars that just come to Branson for short schedules.

Peter Pan is a musical play.

Roy Rogers Jr. now has the huge Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum filled with memorabilia but the Museum will be closing at the end of the season and in December all the items that belong to a Non Profit foundation will be sold at auction. The Roy Rogers show with Roy Rogers Jr and his son Dustin plan to continue the Branson show at a different facility.

Other Branson Shows and Attractions will be featured in another article. botw_lb_072890_6.gif

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