Jim Stafford Is A True Branson Entertainer

Jim Stafford TheaterJim Stafford Theater

Jim Stafford is sure a blessing to the entire Branson Entertainment community. I call him Gentleman Jim as he is the classiest Guy in Town and he doesn't open the show by coming out with a pair of levies with the knees sticking out, Oh No, he comes out with a beautiful tux.


 He is probably one of the biggest Branson supporters in town. I told you how generous he was to the family of Delene Aundry when Delene passed away and he donated his theater for a huge benefit with the silent auction and a stage show that we thought would never end. I am sure he was behind this entire production and helped raise thousands of dollars for the family.

I once talked to another Branson Entertainer and he informed me how generous he was to open his beautiful home for planning sessions for such events like Branson Fest and Mid Winter Fun.

Critically acclaimed as the "Victor Borge of the Guitar"

This gentleman is a great musician and he can make his guitar come out with the sweetest music you have ever heard and also some sounds you would never believe could come out of a guitar.

Jim Stafford With His Clasical GuitarJim Stafford With His Clasical Guitar

He is also a wonderful singer and comedian and has sold millions of records. You will also probably see his son Shea and daughter GG in the act. This Artist or Entertainer has been in Branson for many years and anywhere you go folks will tell you you just have to take in his show.

A kind of unique feature of his show is he has little boxes at the back of his theater for folks to drop little cards in that they were handed when they entered the theater. On these cards folks make comments about the show and he solicites stories and jokes. During the show he will reach into his inner coat pocket and pull out some cards and share the information and jokes with the audience. This is always hilarious.

Jim Stafford Theater BillboardJim Stafford Theater Billboard

417-335-8080 ~ Jim Stafford Theatre ~ 3440 West Highway 76, Branson MO 65616
The Jim Stafford Show