Medical and Health in the Ozark Mountains


Medical and Health facilities I would consider to be adaquite in the Branson and Ozark Mountian Country.

Cox Health Center is in the city of Branson and about 30 miles north in the city of Springfield, Mo are two very large hospitals. Mercy and Cox Hospital and they have clinics located in most small towns and villages in the region. Mercy Care also provides medical emergency helicopter service in the area.

One fellow told me at the recent Health Show that goes on here every spring that he moved to Branson because his child was Autistic and there were 3 Specialist Doctors in that field available in the area. There are many other types of specialists and also special technique services available here also.

Taney County Ambulance District provides the ambulance service in our area and the local fire department personal are also trained in emergency first aid and are dispatched to the scene of fires and accidents and they can assist until a higher level of care can be provided. I have been on our local volunteer fire department in Minnesota for over 35 years as a firefighter/first responder/training officer and know quite a bit about emergency medical service. Our Bio. Here we live on the south side of Table Rock Lake just across from the dock of the Showboat Branson Bell but it is 22 miles around the lake to Branson. I am happy about one thing and somewhat concerned about another and that is I am happy that the MDOT finished the 2nd lane of highway 65 from Branson to the Arkansas line and the highway was double line at those points prior. That cuts our travel time to Branson almost in half.

I am concerned because so many folks get killed on these Ozark Mountain roads. They are somewhat narrow and have no shoulders and the ditches are chiseled out of solid stone and several times a week we see where folks get killed and the paper says the vehicle left the roadway and either collided with a stone wall or turned over several times or hit a tree or pole. One Lady missing for a month was found killed when her car left the road and went into a canyon and was completely hidden in the woods and someone strolling in the area just came across the scene and that was in the city limits. This is very dangerous and also the fact without shoulders on the roadway there is no where to pull over to let emergency vehicles pass. Do to a couple factors (Folks old age) and slower truck traffic quite often there is bumper to bumper traffic on these windy mountain roads and folks take chances in trying to pass and cause accidents. Also do to high traffic at times it is dangerous to try to transport someone with a emergency medical condition in a private vehicle.

There seems to be adequate Dentist,Chiropractors,Private Clinics with Blood Dialysis and Therapy facility also.

There is a fair share of poverty especially in the small villages in the Ozark Mountain Country and we see alcohol and drugs as a major problem with both accident and social issues. I believe Missouri still leads the charts in Meth Labs. All in all I think this is a very healthy place to live if you are careful and watchfully. Folks seem to be very calm and laid back and they are very friendly and helpful.


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