Special Announcement

1. In order to help the entire business community in the Branson area recover from the recent tornado and economic slump we would like to offer all businesses a special, you can't refuse, advertising plan for the present season.

For the Theaters and Shows we would like to update your present pages or for those new shows we would like to build you a page on our website to help you get more visitors. We know that many of you are now at a different location and have different schedules than are now showing. It takes us quite a bit of time and money to change or build the pages as programmers and graphic designers are getting $150 plus and hour. This pricing plan is the lowest we can go and still maintain our high quality web site.

If you give us the name of your sales rep or department head and give them the authority to supply us with 2-4 passes twice a year (probably spring and fall) we will come in and view the show and take some pictures so we can make an honest review of the show or theater. We often have out of town travel related guests and we can then bring them with us to your show or business and they will help spread the good news.

To help defray the above and Internet hosting charges we would like to offer our services for $19.95 a month and we can set this up automatically through Paypal ( which is very secure) on your credit card. You don't have to be a member of Paypal in order to use this service and your payment details would not be made available to us at any point.

We will probably set up your business advertisement on a full page unless your business is very small or you can not afford the monetary fee we mentioned above. Yes you read that right if your business is very limited in its advertising budget at this time we will be glad to advertise your business for free (temporarily and if you offer the passes or some gratuity).

2. For non shows and theaters if you would like to see your business advertised on our site we would love to have you and if you could offer some type of gratuity or the special present season fee of $19.95/mth. We would come to your business and take pictures and do an interview to find out all about your business and what you would like to see on your ad. Again, if can't meet the fee requirement at this time just let us know and we will see how we can work with you.

Once you have contacted us or made your order we will be in contact with you and see how we can be of service.

To take advantage of this Special Announcement package just click on the below link and you will be taken over to Paypal where you can grab this great advertising deal.

Special Pricing

If you have any questions or would like to contact us just click on this link.